Pantel Technologies Pvt Ltd (PTPL) Trademarks, Logos & Imagery

PTPL is the owner of the ubiquitous Penta® family of trademarks. These trademarks symbolize PTPL reputation and goodwill and serve to identify and distinguish its products, and services from those of others. Consumers expect that products, software or services bearing a PTPL trademark are manufactured or controlled by PTPL and are thus of consistently high quality. To maintain the distinctiveness of PTPL Trademarks, Logos & Imagery as representing PTPL products, software and services, PTPL must take steps to ensure that third parties do not use these assets in such a manner as to confuse consumers into believing there is an affiliation with PTPL or endorsement by PTPL, when in fact there is none. Thus, use of PTPL Trademarks, Logos & Imagery by third parties is not generally permitted except through express written PTPL authorization, or license from PTPL.

The Public Guidelines set out PTPL’ standards for the permissible use of PTPL trademarks. Use of our PTPL Logos is reserved for Partners and standards for permissible use are set out in the Partner Guidelines. Please refer to the following Trademark Links:

Public Guidelines for Use of PTPL Trademarks

Guidelines for Use of PTPL Lddogos & Images

Partner Guidelines

Our Alliance Programs

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY PTPL. PTPL reserves the right to object to unfair uses, misuses or infringements of its trademarks, copyright rights or other violation of its legal rights.

Public Guidelines for Use of PTPL Trademarks

These general guidelines address the permissible use of PTPL Trademarks in text by the public and non-licensed users. The trademarks to which these guidelines apply are the word marks listed on the PTPL Trademark List and the PTPL Product Names. PTPL has also developed guidelines for the public and non-licensed users regarding the PTPL Logos & Imagery.

Without express written authorization by PTPL, any use of PTPL Trademarks in a manner that is inconsistent with these guidelines, including the use of trademarks, trade names or domain names that are confusingly similar to PTPL Trademarks is prohibited.

Permissible Uses of PTPL Trademarks Generally

In general, you may use PTPL Trademarks to make factually accurate statements in reference to products or services of PTPL, provided you do so in accordance with these guidelines. Subject to these guidelines, you also may use a PTPL Trademark by reference to indicate that your product or service is compatible with or may be used with PTPL products or services, provided that the referential use of the PTPL Trademark does not create a false sense of endorsement, sponsorship or association with PTPL or its products and services.

Form of Use

1. You should always use the PTPL Trademark as an adjective and not as a noun or verb. The trademark should be followed by the appropriate generic term for the product or service. Refer to the PTPL Trademark List and the Penta Products for the appropriate generic term to use with the PTPL Trademarks.

Penta T-Pad® Pantel Technologies®

2. Always present the PTPL Trademarks in the exact same form and spacing as shown in the PTPL Trademark List. Do not alter PTPL marks in any way. Refer to the PTPL Trademark List for the correct spelling of the mark.

Acceptable Unacceptable
Penta T-Pad® penta, Penta TPad, Pantel
Pantel Technologies®  

3. Do not use PTPL Trademarks in a plural or possessive form.

Acceptable Unacceptable
Penta T-Pad® penta, Penta TPad, Pantel

When using or referring to PTPL Trademarks, the appropriate trademark symbol (® or ™) must be exhibited immediately adjacent to the trademark the first time it appears in the text, as shown in the following examples:

Penta T-Pad®

Penta® Enterprise Server

Pantel Technologies®

Partner Guidelines

PTPL values its many relationships with licensed partners, such as carriers and distribution partners who market Penta T-pad as part of their mainstream consumer offerings as well as Alliance Partners who launch hundreds of software applications and solutions for the Pantel Technologies Platform(together the “partners”). Pantel Technologies has given limited permission to its partners to use the Pantel Technologies Trademarks and Logos, thereby increasing visibility among Penta T-pad® users and wireless carriers and depth in their customer base.

PTPL will partner with companies which have established distribution channels and high customer satisfaction with a proven product/service which adds performance and functionality to the Penta T-pad® experience. See the Our Alliance for more details.

Guidelines for Use of PTPL Logos & Imagery

The Use of the PTPL Logos and Imagery

PTPL trademarks include a number of distinctive Logos and Imagery. Please see PTPL Logo List for examples of selected Logos. Use of the Logos is reserved to PTPL, its affiliated companies, and its Partners. You may not use the PTPL Logos, without the express written permission of PTPL. Please refer to Our Partners for more information. The use of Penta T-Pad® Imagery is permissible under the conditions set out below.

Prohibited Uses of PTPL Logos

In addition to the prohibitions set out in our Public Guidelines for Use of PTPL Trademarks we draw your attention to the following:

1. The use of PTPL trade dress is not permitted. It is not permissible to imitate the distinctive overall appearance (trade dress) of Penta T-Pad® and/or their packaging, logos, typefaces or PTPL website designs.

2. The use of copyrighted material without Pantel Technologies’s express written permission is prohibited. PTPL does not authorize the public or commercial use of information protected by copyright laws. The use of such copyright protected materials, including Pantel Technologies® Wireless Handheld imagery, and other information contained on PTPL web sites or in advertisements, brochures or other materials, other than as expressly permitted hereunder, is prohibited.

Permissible Use of Penta T-Pad Imagery

You are not permitted to use Penta T-Pad imagery unless you comply with the following terms:

1. Penta T-Pad® imagery shall not be altered or manipulated;

2. The Penta® name on the T-Pad must clearly be displayed in all imagery;

3. No object, including your name, product or service name, or logo may be superimposed upon any Penta® T-Pad imagery; and

4. Your use of the Penta® T-Pad imagery does not, directly or indirectly, suggest sponsorship, affipation or endorsement of your product or service by PTPL.

5. Graphic images may not be superimposed on the screen of the Penta® T-Pad unless they can actually be reproduced on the smartphone

Alliance Programs

PTPL is always eager to partner with other companies to develop and sell products and services that give Penta® T-Pad users added performance and functionality. Through the Pantel Alliance Program, partners get the tools, support and endorsement from PTPL to help develop their robust and innovative solutions for Penta® T-Pad and wireless solutions. If you have a product or service that enhances the Penta® T-Pad experience, and are interested in applying to partner with PTPL, please visit our Partners Page.