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Product related queries Q. What are the different categories available in Penta T-Pads? Penta T-Pad(s) represents an array of Tablet PC(s) from Pantel Technologies. They can be broadly classified into two categories:

Student Model (Internet Slate, IS series) – These are primarily for student and education sector use. These devices are focused on delivering the most affordable solution for the target audience with no compromise on quality or technology advancements.

Professional Model (Wonder Series, WS) – These are focused on best-in-class features and application use. The T-Pads in this range have an in-build SIM Slot which keeps you connected to your near and dear ones all the time.

Q. Which type of screen will the tablets have?The Penta T-Pad range is equipped with multi-touch capacitive screen for a seamless user experience.

Q. How do I connect to the internet on Penta T-Pad? The Penta T-Pad range is endowed with various connectivity options:

It is not necessary to use BSNL SIM only, one could use any SIM card with data plan.

Q. Can I make phone calls with my Penta T-Pad? The Professional series models (Wonder Series, WS) come with voice calling option. They also have a front camera for video conferencing facility.

Q. Are there cameras installed in Penta T-Pads? Please refer to the detailed specification for the respective model. Depending upon the features/ price – different models come with different camera resolutions.

Q. Can user play music, videos and games on Penta T-Pad? Yes, Absolutely! User can download from 600,000 apps and games from Google play and enjoy the Tablet PC experience on Penta T-Pad range.

Penta T-Pad range comes with an ability to extend your memory through memory card slot – where in the consumers can store more, or transfer and play music, movies, games of their choice on the Penta T-Pad range. There are few popular apps and games pre-installed on the Penta T-Pad models for the user convenience as well.

Q. Which App Store will come pre-installed on Penta T-Pads? The Google Play by Google is pre-installed on all Penta T-Pad(s). To access the same, you need to have a Gmail account.

Q. Is there any warranty on Penta T-Pad? All Penta T-Pad(s) come with a limited warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase. Please read the warranty policy carefully to know the details.

A detailed list of service centers where Penta T-Pad(s) can be taken for any customer support issues is uploaded on the website.

Q. I am not being able to get through on the customer care number. Is there any other way to reach you? For any query, the customer can reach us through our customer care no. +91 120-4805200. In case you cannot get through the customer support number, please email us at Apart from above you can also contact us at the following avenues: Chat Support

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Q.1 How to connect to the internet?
  1. A.1 There are three ways to connect your device with the internet:
  2. 1. Inbuilt SIM Slot
  3. 2. Wi-Fi
  4.   1. Switch on and unlock your Penta T-Pad
  5.   2. Open the launcher menu
  6.   3. Go to ‘Settings’
  7.   4. On top left, under ‘Wireless and Networks’, swipe ‘Wi-Fi’ button to turn it on
  8.   5. A list of available networks would open, select an access point or Wi-Fi router to log in
  9.   6. Type the password for the selected network (if req.). If the credentials entered are correct, the device would get
          connected within few seconds.
  10.   7. If your password is invalid then contact your network administrator or Internet service provider for details.
Q.2 How to connect a CDMA dongle to Penta T-Pad?
APN- blank [write blank, don’t just leave it blank ]
USER- internet
PASSWORD- internet
NAME- tata
MMC- 404
MNC- 00
Note If few options are not available then no changes need to be made.

     Note :- Whenever you buy an Airtel Dongle please make sure that the model number of the device is (E173Bu-1)